Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Things

First: Etsy

I finally (and I mean finally) opened my shop on Etsy. I have more of a feeling of relief than anything, even excitement. It was such a long wind up, you know? All the preliminary work took ages, and now I feel content to rest on my laurels a bit (read: check my shop stats obsessively and hold my breath waiting for my first sale!). I'm a bit burnt out on sewing after making 12 dolls to open with, but I really should get back to the machine. I stated in my shop announcement that I would soon be making doll quilts, etc, so I need to work on that... which brings me to...

Second: Spoonflower

... the fact that I am completely and totally distracted from making dolls because all I want to do is design fabric. A couple of weeks ago I made a design entitled "Salt as Stars" and this week I ordered and received a fat quarter of it in the mail. I am thrilled to bits over it... I cannot even describe. Can I just show you?

I know I still have a lot to learn... and the design is by no means perfect... but just the fact that I finished it, and have it printed, and enjoyed literally every minute of creating it makes me want to do more. I have so many sketches just waiting to be brought to life!

Check out my fabric on Spoonflower
And my Etsy shop!


  1. CONGRATS on opening. Hope you get huge support and continue to enjoy what you are doing. Etsy is rather a big world and it can take some time before any thing like an order comes, Just don't give up, especially after all the hard work in getting stock etc. Been there, done that and am earning the degree!

  2. Hey there! I came across you on the Plush Toys and Ragdolls team on Etsy! Congrats on getting your shop up! Love that fabric! :)